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I love talking about writing and books, and I'm available to visit your school, library, book club, writers' group, or conferences.

Some of my presentations:

Life of an Author  From idea to a completed novel, my presentation includes how authors come up with ideas, turn them into an intriguing plot, and conquer writer's block. Students will get an inside view of the writing process with tips they can apply to their schoolwork, because let’s face it we’ve all stared at a blank piece of paper and thought, now what?

Through my interactive presentation, I’ll take students through the step-by-step process of turning an idea into a novel, the benefits of working with other writers, the publishing process, and what happens once the book is released into the world. I’ll share background on myself and my writing career. A Q&A session will follow my talk.

Let the Scheming Begin!  This is an interactive workshop. Together we’ll develop an idea into a story plot, cast our characters, and plan an adventure. By the end of this workshop, students will have learned different techniques to grow an idea into an intriguing story with characters reader want to follow to the last page of a book. They will also learn methods to up suspense and add intrigue to their work. 

Magic, Mystery, and Afterlife of Literature  Wands aren't limited to wizards and vampires aren’t the only beings who can compel their audiences. Fiction, non-fiction, an article in a newspaper or magazine, a poem, and even your homework assignment can contain a bit of magic and mystery. It can have an afterlife. Join me for a discussion on the magic of our words, the mystery that whisks readers to new worlds, and the afterlife of great characters.